Alev’s videos

Alev’s horses since she was 15 upto now

“Equestrian mentoring” video editing

Alev’s recent videos with young horses

Ulrik’s story

Shah-Banu 9years old, a small shooting from work at home

Shah-Banu, 5 years old, first show after the operation (she broke a piece of bone in right front leg)

Ulrik 5 year old mare, first indoor show

Ulrik 5 year old mare

Exercise with Ulrik

5 year old mare by Hors la Loi (one of Rodrigo Pessoa’s rides) by Papillon Rouge. Papillon Rouge’s products are generally horses with difficult character and difficult to ride. The in and out + the oxer is a nice exercise to teach the horse to stay calm and keep the same rythym before during and after the jump. The distance would ride 5 or 6 strides. At the end of the film one of her first shows in Belgium. Today she jumps over 1.30-1.40 classes in Brasil.

Alev’s old show-jumping movies

Ophélie is the most courageous and most careful and fastest little mare I have ever ridden. She would always jump even when you picked the wrong stride. She won plenty of shows up to 1,20 including Turkish Championships in 1988 and 1989.

1988-1989 TV interviews (no sound) in Istanbul.

Sorry for the bad quality of film and sound and prehistoric riding !


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