3 days mini-clinic for youngsters

Mid July I gave a mini-clinic to Valentian and a friend of hers  who are both 13 years old. Both of them wanted to learn a little bit more about riding and horses and their mums also were looking for a method where the rider and the horse interact and exchange and learn also from each other.

Valentina is Dutch and so far she has done a couple of camps but was not satisfied with what she learnt. She is light as a feather and needs a lot of achoring.

So the first day I put both of them on the lunge line with voltige surcingle to asses their balance and seat.

The second day we did liberty and ground work and they learnt the use of it in our day day to day routine. Valentina was impressed when she saw that only by achoring and using her finger that she could move a 500 kg horse backwards.

The last day I made them ride again on the lunge but this time with the saddle. Her friend had the chance to lunge Valentina while she was only concentrating on her seat.

The first day Marie-Yasemin was there also and took some pictures.

We didn’t put side reins because Shah is sensitive with her hocks and more comfortable in that way.

Vantina loved Shah and will continue to ride her all year long.


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Visit of Eskisehir Osman Gazi University’s staff to Belgium within ERASMUS programme

IMG_6711..Id_583IMG_6728..Id_598IMG_6768..Id_633IMG_7097IMG_7214IMG_7406Between 1-5 July I had the pleasure of receiving the Director of Eskişehir Osmangazi Vocational school Hakan Çalışkan and his 3 teachers Sibel Danışan, Adem Aslan and Derviş Öztürk within the ERASMUS exchange programme.
 I organised for them a custom made visit which I hope they enjoyed. Every morning they had riding session. We were received by The University Veterinary Clinic in Ghent like kings ! What a faboulous infrastructure for the welfare of animals !!!
We had a direct skype call with their Equus Research specialist Machteld Van Dierendonk from Netherlands from the clinic. This was very interesting for Sibel Danışan as she is preparing her Phd on Equus Ethology.
They also had ethology sessions with our mare Shah-Banu. We also visited a Horse shelter equichance in Romedenne where Marie Yasemin will adopt a traumatised pony in August. We will continuously post the evolution on this post.
We also had the chance of assisting Philippe Pairoux (Merci Philippe !!!) the horse dentist on work. We could also compare the differences between two horses before and after. They were very impressed and they decided to iclude introduction to dentistry to their curriculum.
The last two days we were at two different hippotherapy centers as they have a project sponsored by government in order to create a Hippotherapy center in Mahmudiye.
The first one we visited work only with donkeys.
The last evening we went to a Horse theater Tempo d’Eoele (Merci Loriane et toute l’equipe) which we all enjoyed very much.


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Angela’s FREEDOM !

The last time Marie-Yasemin worked with Angela she was really difficult again and Marie Yasemin felt that she no longer wants to collaborate.

She was as difficult as when we started the work with her last June The feeling Marie Yasemin had was,” well, she doen’t want to work and we can not force her, thats’ it, we should accept her as she is, just as a horse, isn’t she teaching us a wonderful life lesson” those were her words !
Okay so what ! she is thirteen years old and will pass the rest of her life in a heard just living her life as a normal horse ! Nobody will ask to work her again.
It took me a while to accept this decision but I had no choice but to accept. In return for all the horses who jumped for me in my life this one gains her freedom for ever.

Angela teaches us something very valuable ,”accepting horses as they are and respecting them for who they are not for what they do for you !!! So, we are relieved and enjoy her only as a company and she is lovely. Maybe one day if she agrees she would have a baby !

Meanwhile according to the Hawaian teaching I do “Hoponoponoooo” for her. Check on the net if you don’t know what it is 

I thank you Angela
Excuse me Angela
I love you Angela

and close this chapter with some pictures from the past !

Next adventure will be a New Forest Pony called “Harry” that Marie-Yasemin will be adopting in August.


angela (2)1533924_555314681230909_188798740_nDSC00879

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About Flying Changes !

This 6 years old mare had difficulty with her young rider in executing flying changes.  I tried to explain to her and show her the importance of leg yielding in order to teach a young horse the flying change. The trot I do at the beginning should be more forward and rythmic which is not the case in the movie. This is a small ring so the corner arrives pretty fast but the main issue is to ask one or more strides of leg yielding to the opposite side so that the horse has a bent to the new direction and puts more weight on the outside hind which is the first leg to ask the canter for the new lead (to the right in this case)

Of course we taught her in advance leg yielding at the walk and trot before asking in the canter. This student also had fears in jumping which she got over and now having fun with her horse.

About flying changes !


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Catch up with Angela

I have not been updating Angela’s work recently, so here it is !

In April Marie-Yasemin got on her for the first time since she is rebroken. As you can see on the movie I think she likes better grazing in the heard than being ridden 🙂

Since than her teeth are done as well. We had to inject a strong dose of sedatives in order to work in her mouth.


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One of the secret of getting your horse’s head down !

I had a lot of fun teaching in Liege in a private stable. This is a very nice 6 years old mare with a beautiful mouth owned by a talented young rider. She is in a riding school and preparing to pass her exams with her. Here I explain how to have the horse give in and relax into your hands. Normally hands should never move unless there is a specific purpose. Her rider had the bad habit of moving her hands in order to have the head down. If you push the hind legs at the trot outside for a couple of strides when the inside hind is in the air the horse gives in. You must post on the wrong diagonal for a couple of strides while you push the hindquarters and you will feel the result in your hand. I also verify the connection from behind to front and advance my hands and the horse doesn’t change shape.

One of the secret of getting your horse’s head down !

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Success in giving Angela’s medication in her mouth

Last sunday when we found out that Angela had mud fever, we drove her to a stable where we could take care of her. She was really limping real bad and we think it is not only due to mud fever.

Our vet came and she made an antibiotics injection but unfortunately she couldn’t continue to inject the antiinflammatory medicine as Angela started to jump all over throwing Marie-Yasemin on one side and the vet to the other and I was in the middle. So the vet who is also a real horsewoman and a dressage rider said that we shouldn’t accept such behaviour and punish her in case she became that violent and uncontrollable.

We all know horses are violent in a heard. But sometimes it feels bad when you really have to do it yourself.

Yesterday we were quiet tired and sad because our neigbour lost her donkey who was pasture mate with Marie-Yasemin’s donkey. Now our donkey is all alone !

Physical + emotional tiredness along with impatience don’t make a good match. So, this morning I really explosed on Angela while giving her medication and I felt terrible afterwards and I thought about it all day long.

I came up with the idea being at the same height as her ! Because when she puts her head way up it is really hard to aim for the mouth. So today I took  my IKEA step to the stables and decided to get on it in order to give the medication.

Before giving the medication Marie-Yasemin came up with the idea working her previously  in the indoor on exerciese which would make her give in mentally. Simple exercises that I saw on Buck’s DVD’s like holding her head in one position and not let go untill you decide to let go.

As he says also you work a horse with some exercises to give in mentally  in order to solve another problem which we succeeded today. 

I really am happy to have overcome this problem finally with patience and understanding rather than violence.

Too bad my husband went out with my camera today !!!!!

But we will try to prepare a video on that soon.



















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