Personalized workshops in Belgium all year long 

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Equestrian Mentoring Program

I offer a well-rounded personalized residential equestrian program along with optional activities like language courses, yoga, swimming, arts and crafts, piano and singing from 10 years old on up to adults. My teaching techniques enable students to experience success in graduated steps, promoting their self-esteem and confidence. The program offers one or two sessions of individual riding lessons per day depending on the optional activities they choose. In the winter on request we will include language classes. The remaining time, we will learn different aspects of horsemanship such as work in liberty with horses (ethology), lunge lesson for the seat, lunge reining, work in hand and stable management. In addition to the riding instruction, your child will also learn about the care of horses, bandaging for the protection of the horse, plating, tacking up, brushing and washing the horses after work, cleaning the tack and the important tasks of stable husbandry, all important elements of well-being of the horse.







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Short CV of Alev

Alev Sarc is four times show jumping champion of Turkey, first one in 1986 in juniors, than 2 victories in 1988 (ladies and young horses category) and finally in 1989 again young horses category. She holds a degree in applied economics sciences from university of Istanbul. After her studies she spent one year at Julie Ulrich’s farm in Virginia (dressage and show-jumping Grand-Prix rider) as a working student. She participated to the HITS (Horse Show In The Sun) circuit with Julies’ horses in Florida. During her stay she also had the chance to ride with Karl Mikolka ( chief rider in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and Jack Le Goff, national eventing coach of the USA.

At the invitation of her Belgian coach Philippe de Cunchy she arrived in Belgium. After one month of training with François Mathy ( ) she moved to Brussels and started to work for a Turkish company who eventually sponsored Alev and bought Amité IV. This four years old gelding (son of Ibrahim) trained by Alev up to 6 years old won Grand Prix of New York and Palm Beach and participated to Aachen Grand-Prix under the saddle of Mc Lain Ward.

George Morris, Jean-Paul Musette, Hélène Arianoff, Michel Blaton, Nick Van Laer and Guillaume Ducos followed the evolution of Alev in dressage and in show-jumping.

Recent years Alev has encountered several young horses with difficult characters, sometimes aggressive and also difficult to ride. She decided to question herself and understand why she attracted always such problem horses. Therefore she had to seek a new way of partnership which invited her to open her mind to new approaches and new ways of thinking. The opening to personal development allowed her to better understand her relationship with horses and in life in general. Therefore she started to participate to several trainings among others with Jean-François Pignon, Nicolas Brodziak, Patrizio Allori etc. She introduced for the first time natural horsemanship principles in Turkey and participated with her daughter Marie-Yasemin de Kemmeter to the first equine fair (EQUIST ) which took place in April 2012.  Alev is also a columnist in the first ever published Turkish equestrian magazine TRUVA. She is also an ERASMUS lecturer for Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey. Alev is also reporting for EUROSPORT Turkey.

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