My power point presentation ROAD to SUCCESS

A demonstration with a small pony

Working for the first time with this little mare, she was pretty collaborative. She is only ridden by kids who rush to the fence and use the whip to make the horse go. She was not comfortable with the whip at the beginning as you can see from her tail !!!!! But Marie-Yasemin found the connection after 10 minutes. Horses are so generous !!!

We had great fun working at every session with a different horse with whom we had never worked previously !

Basics of “friendly game” from Parelli and the ” respect” from J. F.Pignon including Marie-Yasemin’s intuition worked out pretty well !!!!

We thank to “Doga College” for having lent us their little pony. This is a primary school in Turkey where the riding is an obligatory course just as gymnastics.

Interview with TJK reporter Ferdi Akinci


A demonstration with a 5 years olds


Interview with TJK reporter Ferdi Akinci. The first video starts at 14,50 Min and continues from the beginning on the second video



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