Angela’s FREEDOM !

The last time Marie-Yasemin worked with Angela she was really difficult again and Marie Yasemin felt that she no longer wants to collaborate.

She was as difficult as when we started the work with her last June The feeling Marie Yasemin had was,” well, she doen’t want to work and we can not force her, thats’ it, we should accept her as she is, just as a horse, isn’t she teaching us a wonderful life lesson” those were her words !
Okay so what ! she is thirteen years old and will pass the rest of her life in a heard just living her life as a normal horse ! Nobody will ask to work her again.
It took me a while to accept this decision but I had no choice but to accept. In return for all the horses who jumped for me in my life this one gains her freedom for ever.

Angela teaches us something very valuable ,”accepting horses as they are and respecting them for who they are not for what they do for you !!! So, we are relieved and enjoy her only as a company and she is lovely. Maybe one day if she agrees she would have a baby !

Meanwhile according to the Hawaian teaching I do “Hoponoponoooo” for her. Check on the net if you don’t know what it is 

I thank you Angela
Excuse me Angela
I love you Angela

and close this chapter with some pictures from the past !

Next adventure will be a New Forest Pony called “Harry” that Marie-Yasemin will be adopting in August.


angela (2)1533924_555314681230909_188798740_nDSC00879

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