Success in giving Angela’s medication in her mouth

Last sunday when we found out that Angela had mud fever, we drove her to a stable where we could take care of her. She was really limping real bad and we think it is not only due to mud fever.

Our vet came and she made an antibiotics injection but unfortunately she couldn’t continue to inject the antiinflammatory medicine as Angela started to jump all over throwing Marie-Yasemin on one side and the vet to the other and I was in the middle. So the vet who is also a real horsewoman and a dressage rider said that we shouldn’t accept such behaviour and punish her in case she became that violent and uncontrollable.

We all know horses are violent in a heard. But sometimes it feels bad when you really have to do it yourself.

Yesterday we were quiet tired and sad because our neigbour lost her donkey who was pasture mate with Marie-Yasemin’s donkey. Now our donkey is all alone !

Physical + emotional tiredness along with impatience don’t make a good match. So, this morning I really explosed on Angela while giving her medication and I felt terrible afterwards and I thought about it all day long.

I came up with the idea being at the same height as her ! Because when she puts her head way up it is really hard to aim for the mouth. So today I took  my IKEA step to the stables and decided to get on it in order to give the medication.

Before giving the medication Marie-Yasemin came up with the idea working her previously  in the indoor on exerciese which would make her give in mentally. Simple exercises that I saw on Buck’s DVD’s like holding her head in one position and not let go untill you decide to let go.

As he says also you work a horse with some exercises to give in mentally  in order to solve another problem which we succeeded today. 

I really am happy to have overcome this problem finally with patience and understanding rather than violence.

Too bad my husband went out with my camera today !!!!!

But we will try to prepare a video on that soon.



















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