Trailer loading again :)

The reason I am posting this video today is that some problems you think was solved can come back as happened to me last week-end.

My mare is a difficult loader since she is born. We have been loading her for two years with a specific method but every time we were putting more time instead of less ! Finally she got over us and didn’t want to load !

The owner of the stables Georges Delbouil who has been working with difficult loaders helped us out with his method 🙂 He doesn’t do it the same way as shown on the video but  the priciple is the same. Using comfort and discomfort technique and sending the horse alone in the trailer which I like very much. Because it teaches the horse to have more confidence in himself. Especially if you have a horse who is very spooky and lacking confidence like mine. You would think if there is someone ahead leading she would load easier, well no !

So we will be working on that !

I thank to my mare giving me the possibility to learn so many things about horses and George for his help !

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