George Morris riding at a clinic

George Morris riding a student’s horse.

I like very much his videos because he gets on a horse with problem and gives it back without the problem :)))

Key topics :

– not to overbend your horse, riders use too much inside rein which over bends the horse. So as soon as he gets on he works on the straigtness of the neck.

– The use of indirect rein to control the shoulders ! Actually applying a very light indirect rein (barely seen from the outside when he does it !) will enable you control the inside shoulder if you use the inside rein and vice versa. He pushes the horse into the corners by using an indirect-rein with the inside rein. Of course with the help of the inside leg.

– This horse he is riding has difficulty backing-up. So, he asks, no answer, he asks again, stronger, and every time a bit more stronger till he gets an answer. He gives in right away and soften his hands the moment the horse backs up. When he uses his hands for back-up, stop or slowing down he raises them a little bit.


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