Tips for riding in cold weather

It was -8 this morning at the stables. I thought about reminding some tips for riding in cold weather.

As my mare gives me the possibility to practice what I love the most in life, her health and well-being is my upmost priority !!!

Therefore when it is that cold it is important not to over work your horse. I personally walked my horse for about an hour today.

It was a great opportunity to work this gate that she hates the most ! Transitions, figure of eights, serpentines, rtytm changes within the gate, reeducation to the leg, back-up etc. There are so many things that you can do even only at the walk !

I also prefer to cover with 2 blankets and remove 1 after the warm up and keep the other one for the work. I assume I wouldn’t like to do jogging naked in a deep-freezer !

If your horse has a noisy breath or if he coughs at the canter it means that it is too cold for him to canter. Remember he can not talk and it is to us to learn to listen to him !

If you still want to work your horse, I would say a long warm-up and cool down is primordial so that he has time to warm his muscles up for the work.




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