Unconditional love

Love is a word we frequently use and hear used, but usually it is romantic love that we first think of. Radio, newspapers, books and TV try to convince us that romantic love is one of the most important aspects of life. But unconditional love is nothing like romantic love. It is given without demanding or expecting anything in return. It is a feeling of unity with another being. Horses emit and express this love freely and simply. That love is freely available to anyone who is willing to accept and experience it; there are no strings attached. We have already heard the saying ‘horses must be in your blood’. What this really means is that horses are or must become part of our inner being or love. This unconditional love providesa bond and understanding that carries us over the rough roads and leads us to joy. With this love we can accept and understand the horse for what he is, not for what we want him to be.

source: In search of your image by Jill Keiser Hassler

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